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Sycamore Distilling Ready To Drink Cocktails Are Here!

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Ready to drink cocktails have been taking the spirits industry by storm in the past year. Sycamore Distilling has been working hard on developing some of our favorite cocktails we serve in the taproom into canned ready to drink cocktails for your mobile enjoyment! Why worry about grabbing all the ingredients you need to make a cocktail in the store when you can just grab a six pack of cocktails and throw it in the fridge?

“A lot of the RTD cocktails you are seeing pop up in the market nowadays are basically seltzers or seltzer like cocktails that are going for the popularity of the category” Sycamore Distilling spokesperson Josh Engel said. “Our RTD cocktails are the authentic cocktails we serve in our taprooms, using our handcrafted spirits and only the best ingredients. Sure, you can drink them from the can, but they can also be poured over ice into a “to-go” cup or in a glass just as we would serve them over our bars.”

All three Sycamore Distilling RTDs retail for $13.99 for a four pack and will be 8% abv. Sycamore Distilling will be listening to your feedback to help decide what we will include the next wave of our RTD cocktails.

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