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April 2021 Construction Update

Welcome to a new year and new construction updates for the Cincinnati Distilling Millcroft project! We would like to apologize for the lack of updates here on the blog, but we want to use this as a chance to have you follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for all of the live updates!

Since it's been a while let's go back a little bit into 2020 and see what we've missed.

We got a ton of work done last summer. Most importantly was shoring up the foundation and basement of the Millcroft house itself. This structure was basically standing on the original stones set in place almost 200 years ago.

In order to restore the basement and the stable house we brought skilled masons to re-build the walls that needed repairing as close to the original buildings as possible. Watching these people work was truly amazing. Breaking and placing rocks by hand is really fun to watch.

Around the same time we were repairing the stone walls we were preparing the far side of the stable to be covered in to house our bottle shop, bar refrigeration, and a wine cellar. You can see a before and after image above.

Remember when this was just a big hole? It took us a few months to get to this point, but the basement foundation and walls are solid, the ground is leveled and it's time to start working on building up to the first floor. Once we got the steel on the property things have been moving pretty fast.

As you can see here the huge steel I beams support steel trusses that steel plates are welded onto. From here we pour concrete onto the first floor and then it's time to start building up!

Just last month the first floor concrete was completed! If you have driven past the site you'll notice a lot of the fences are now down, but we do ask you to please stay off of the job site. Even though the first floor is in and covered it can still be dangerous.

And finally our most recent update. You may have seen the front of the building is now in place. As the walls expand and link up to the existing buildings it brings us one step closer day by day. The current focus as of this morning is the elevator shaft which will bring people and supplies to our event center and rooftop bar.

Many people ask us every day what the ETA of completion is. We wish we could give you a solid date, but we are hoping to be able to enjoy drinks and amazing food with you here at The Millcroft sometime in the fall to winter of this year. Again, please follow us on social media for the most up to dates updates and photos!

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