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Cincinnati Distilling Company Acquires Stillwrights Brand from Flat Rock Spirits

For Immediate Release June 15, 2021

Cincinnati Distilling Company Acquires Stillwrights Brand from Flat Rock Spirits And Plans To Resume Production Immediately

CINCINNATI - In May of 2021 Fairborn, Ohio-based Flat Rock Spirits, LLC, owner of the Stillwrights brand, announced the closure of its production facility and tasting room after eleven years of operation. Following that announcement Cincinnati Distilling Company and Flat Rock Spirits came to terms on a deal for Cincinnati Distilling to acquire the Stillwrights brand and intellectual property in order to resume production of the Stillwrights premium bourbons, rums and moonshines. Cincinnati Distilling has hired James Bagford, the co-owner and head distiller of Flat Rock Spirits to ensure continuity on the processes, recipes and finished products of the Stillwrights brand.

“Over the years we had the pleasure of working with the Flat Rock crew at various events and always enjoyed their outstanding line up. We loved working with their team and their Stillwrights products have always been top notch” said Josh Engel, Cincinnati Distilling representative. “We’re so excited to be able to keep Stillwrights in the market and couldn’t be happier to have James on our team. He will add tremendous knowledge and experience to the operation.”

“I’ve always had a great relationship with the Cincinnati Distilling team and had a blast every time I’ve worked with them in the past. When I was contacted about continuing that relationship, it was a no brainer for me.” James Bagford added. “ I’m really excited about joining the Cincinnati Distilling team and looking forward to continuing the Stillwrights brand as well as getting to work on all of their other fantastic products.”

Production of the Stillwrights products will be consolidated into the Cincinnati Distilling facilities and there is no plan to reopen the distillery and tasting room in Fairborn. The additional capacity needed will ultimately be fulfilled in the state of the art production distillery being built in Milford, Ohio which is scheduled to open later this year. The Milford location will be home to Cincinnati Whiskeys and Bourbons, Voltage Vodka, Cooper Island Rums, Red Sky Gins, Rebellion Agave and now, the entire Stillwrights portfolio.

“Cincinnati Distilling company has not only the capacity to continue to produce Stillwrights products, more importantly they have the same focused passion that Shawn, James and I have always had, to create high quality spirits for our customers. I know James is excited to get back to distilling and bottling. Stillwrights will be back on the shelves very soon and that is a great feeling.” Brad Measel, co-founder and co-owner of Stillwrights said.

The full line of Stillwrights products can be found at your favorite local Ohio liquor agency. The Cincinnati Distilling team plans to immediately resume and ramp up production to expand Stillwrights availability throughout the state.

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Ed Humphrey
Ed Humphrey
Oct 18, 2022

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