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Sycamore Distilling Launches Red Sky Gin

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Red Sky Gin has been in the works for a very long time. We didn't want to just make another gin. We've done countless test batches over the years. We've refined the recipe, changed the botanicals and we finally landed on something we are proud to call our own. Red Sky Gin is crafted with juniper berry, angelica root, caraway and coriander.

What's in the name? We could paint a picture of epic adventures with a splash of sunset colors guiding us to the name Red Sky Gin. In fact, that'll probably be the marketing spin (shhhh don't tell anyone our secret.) In reality the name was pretty easy to come up with. Back in 2018 we built our new rickhouse and storage facility around the corner from March First Brewing. That rickhouse is located on Red Sky Drive. Hence the name Red Sky Gin. Clever eh?

Red Sky Gin is available right now at our March First Brewing and FigLeaf Brewing locations. You'll see it trickle out to Ohio liquor agencies soon!

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