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July 2019 Construction Update

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Internal demolition starts. The construction crew opens up walls within the newer addition that will be taken down a few days later.

Thumbs Up Construction finds a window hidden inside an internal wall. Who knows the last time it's seen the light of day!

The crew also found some burnt floor joists and supports. Thanks to Amanda, one of our Facebook fans, we think it could be from a fire that occurred in 1949.

The demolition crew takes about two days to take down the newer middle addition to the Millcroft. This area will be home to the distillery itself, a museum, kitchen, event space and a rooftop bar. The crew is prepping the area for construction while another team is working on the interior of the historical house and stable.

Thumbs Up found a floor safe in a back room so of course we had to cut it open! We expected treasure or history, but all we found was a single penny from 1975, a key to the safe itself, a key to an unknown lock and an insurance plaque. It was fun to treasure hunt for a day, maybe next time we will be luckier!

We also found a buried well on the back side of the building. It was dry, but was lined with bricks. There are tons of these wells around Milford. The big surprise of July was finding a huge 6000-8000 gallon cistern under where the front patio was. No one knew it was even there until our demo team broke through the top stones hiding it. The day after we uncovered it we sent someone down to check it out.

So many people keep mentioning possible tunnels under The Millcroft. Rumor has it that it was once a stop on the underground railroad. Upon investigating the basement we noticed a concrete slab that looked a little out of place like it might be covering something up. The tunnel perhaps? We had our team drill down into the slab and start cutting it out. We are still not done with this part of the project. It's the last thing we've done in the month of July. Stay tuned for next month's update to see what we found!

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