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Cincinnati Based Sycamore Distilling Rebrands As Cincinnati Distilling

CINCINNATI - With only months until the opening of its brand new, standalone distillery in Milford, Ohio, Sycamore Distilling has decided to rebrand itself as the “Cincinnati Distilling Company”. Since opening in 2017, Sycamore Distilling has solidified itself as the largest distiller in Southwestern Ohio; and coupled with the opening of its facility on the site of the historical Kugler-Waldschmidt Distillery, the company has determined that the name “Cincinnati Distilling” is most befitting. “We want to commemorate our move into a dedicated and purpose-built space while honoring our home town and its vast distilling heritage.” said Mark Stuhlreyer, company president.

Sycamore Distilling started with a small line of craft spirits including whiskey, bourbon, vodka and rum, but today boasts over twenty products in numerous categories and counting. Four of these products were medal winners at the 2020 US Open Spirits competition including the extremely popular Ohio Straight Bourbon which took the gold and catapulted Sycamore to third place overall for national whiskey distilleries.

“Changing our name to Cincinnati Distilling will further anchor us as the premier distillery in Southwestern Ohio. When people think Cincinnati spirits they will instantly think of “Cincinnati Distilling”, commented Josh Engel, marketing communications director for the company.

According to company officials the historical significance of the site and its role in the name change cannot be understated. The structures being incorporated in the new facility, originally built in 1812, were once the center of industry in the area. The Kugler-Waldschmidt family owned two of the earliest commercial distilleries in the Cincinnati area dating back to 1798. Alongside their grain and paper mills, railway, blacksmithing and livestock operations, the Kugler-Waldschmidt distillery steadily rose to prominence in Cincinnati and by 1860 was producing over 4000 barrels of whiskey annually. On that exact spot in Milford, Cincinnati Distilling will restore the rich Kugler-Waldschmidt legacy of distilling fine spirits.

About Cincinnati Distilling

Cincinnati Distilling distills, blends, and creates handcrafted spirits and ready-to-drink canned cocktails in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Cincinnati Distilling journey started in 2017 alongside March First Brewing. Together they are Cincinnati’s only brewery, cidery and distillery. Their spirits brands include Cincinnati Whiskey and Bourbon, Voltage Vodka, Cooper Island Rum and RedSky Gin. You can find Cincinnati Distilling products in liquor agencies all across Ohio, Kentucky and Illinois.

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