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Cooper Island Rum Bar


WHAT/WHERE – Our rum brand was named for Cooper Island located in the British Virgin Islands. The island is very small but features a restaurant, rum bar and cabana-style accommodations. It has a protected sailboat anchorage, a public dock and a solar powered brewery and is a very popular spot for snorkelers and divers. Our rum was created to give you a taste of the actual island getaway while you are stuck mainland.

HISTORY – With a compass you can shoot a 73-degree azimuth from the middlepoint of the deck and see the top of the Milford Earthwork effigy mound. From that hill an extensive view of the sites of several large groups of works in the vicinity is available. It has been suggested that the structures on the hill were built for worship and as static defenses. There are over 400 ancient earthworks in southwestern Ohio including Serpent Mount and about 200 of those are within Clermont County.

CONSTRUCTION – From this patio you can get a good look at the original house roof and chimneys. The chimneys are in very brittle condition and have not yet been renovated. Multiple experts were shown the conditions and unanimously recommended we take them down to the roof line and rebuild them which we don’t want to do because of the historical importance. The southern chimney appears to have been already rebuilt at some point making it the lowest priority for repair. Also due to the fragile condition of the mansion itself no additional load was designed onto its timber frame. The new elements of the entire site are literally built around and supported independently of the mansion.

FUN FACT – There are two spots in the corners of the patio where there is a 270-degree view of the river and mill district surroundings. 

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