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Cincinnati Distilling Cocktail Tasting

June 20th // 6pm-9pm // Cooper Island Rum Bar // $40

Prepare to hoist the anchor and embark on a swashbuckling tasting adventure at the Cooper Island Rum Bar, high atop the Cincinnati Distilling Rooftop! Join us on June 20th for a daring event that will have you craving the treasures of the sea and the spirits of the land.

Avast, ye thirsting souls! For a mere $40, ye shall be treated to five tantalizing cocktail samples, each crafted with our finest libations. Set sail with the smooth and exotic flavors of Cooper Island Rum, transporting ye to far-off tropical shores. Sample the bold and robust Cincinnati Distilling Bourbon, as rich as the treasures buried deep within the ocean's depths.

But beware, me hearties, for there be more treasures to uncover! Savor the sweet nectar of Honey Whiskey, a golden elixir that will warm your bones. Feel the electric surge of Voltage Vodka, coursing through your veins like a bolt of lightning. And for those seeking a taste of adventure, set your sights on Red Sky Gin, with its botanical allure that captures the essence of the open sea.

But what's a pirate's feast without a bit of grub? Fear not, for we shall fill your bellies with two mouthwatering tacos that will rival any booty you've plundered before. And to accompany your savory plunder, indulge in a bounty of chips and salsa fit for a pirate king!

Hoist the sails and chart your course to, where you can secure your tickets and claim your place in this legendary event. But beware, me mateys, for tickets be as elusive as a mermaid's song, so claim them swiftly afore they vanish into the misty depths.

Set foot upon our rooftop, where the salty sea breeze whispers tales of adventure and the stars above guide us on our path. Raise your glasses and toast to the spirit of the high seas and the spirits within your glass. This be a night ye shall not soon forget, a night of camaraderie, indulgence, and pirate-style revelry at the Cooper Island Rum Bar Tasting.

Avast, me hearties! The time is nigh. Join us and let the spirits guide your voyage on this unforgettable evening.


Cocktail Samples include our Old Fashioned made with our Cincinnati Distilling High Rye Reserve, Whiskey Sour with our Honey Whiskey, Berry Breeze made with Voltage Vodka, Go for Gin with our new Barrel Aged Red Sky Gin and a Cooper Island Rum and Coke.

Ticket price also includes 1 fish taco, 1 barbacoa taco and chips and salsa.

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