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Millcroft Reserve Port Cask Tasting and Release

November 30 4:00pm, 5:15pm and 6:30pm at Cincinnati Distilling

Join us for a very special bottle release and tasting! On November 30th we are releasing the very first cask edition Millcroft Reserve Bourbon.


What is a cask bourbon you may ask? We take our already amazing bourbon and finish it for several weeks to several months in different barrels. We've done brandy barrels, maple barrels and even hot sauce barrels with our Ohio Straight Bourbon.

This time we took our Millcroft Reserve Bourbon and finished it in port wine barrels for several months. This imparts a dark berry and honey flavor that brings a unique feel to the already great oak and vanilla flavors our bourbons are known for.

How do you get to taste our new bottle and possibly take one home? Very simple! Register and pay for one of our tasting times at 4:00pm, 5:15pm or 6:30pm. In the the calendar link below you can choose $20 for just the tasting or $84.99 for the tasting and a bottle to take home. This is the only way you will guarantee that you will get your hands on a bottle because they are limited and they will sell out quick!

Tasting Bottles:

Millcroft Reserve Milford Bourbon

Millcroft Reserve High Rye Bourbon

Millcroft Reserve Clermont Bourbon

Millcroft Reserve Corn Whiskey

Millcroft Reserve Port Cask Edition Bourbon

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