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Cincinnati Distilling Cocktail Classes

Every month our talented mixologist team at Cincinnati Distilling put together some of the most fun, entertaining and comprehensive cocktail classes in Cincinnati! They range from our 101 classes which can teach anyone how to get started making tasty cocktails and go more advanced from there. We also have themed cocktail classes which may feature a specific spirit, holiday or time of the year! See the list below to see what classes are coming up and click "book class" to secure your tickets!

Upcoming Classes

May 1st - Cocktail 101 Class for Beginners

May 15th - Cocktail 201 Advanced Cocktails

May 29th - Cocktail 201 Advanced Cocktails

June 5th - Summer Cocktails

June 19th - Summer Cocktails

July 3rd - Patriotic Cocktails

July 17th - Tiki Cocktails

July 24th - Tiki Cocktails 

July 30th -  Tiki Cocktails

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